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ban appeal
steam profile ID /76561197972744543/

steam ID https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197972744543/

steam name [FC&N]SirShroomy!

reason: I was make a wire mod mortar using a wire mod prop spawner and you can set how much time in between the next time it spawns a bomb. So at first I had is spawn one ever 1min but I it was too slow so I speed it up 30sec but I accidentally put it on 30 milliseconds. So it spawn too many and almost crashed the sever. When it did that I stop it and removed it but I was still permabanned.

the reason I want to be unbanned is cause I have bin on this sever sine 2015 and it bine my most play sever and I love the sever. I made most of my friends on this sever. I always have a good time on it.

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