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Precision Alignment

The addon Precision Alignment is an extremely useful tool for most situations. I will be breaking down two aspects of the mod and how it can positively impact neotek.

Precision Alignment is a addon for gmod that allows the player to move 2 props in any way or form with extreme precision and without many bugs.

I know acf is currently being abused in the state of the server currently, but it can help when people are trying to edit the body of the tank. The regular precision tool is not as helpful as Precision Alignment, as you can use a feature called Constraints. You probably know about this already, however you can use it to position the prop in a way you want it to be connected to the other parent. This is not the main reason that we should add it however, as ACF will most likely be removed in the coming months.

The tools with this addon can be exceptional for building bases, buildings, cars, and planes. The most useful tool is hitpos because aligning walls is difficult with the current precision tool as it has a few bugs that the creator hasn't fixed yet. Base building is a common sight on neotek as players like to play out scenarios from different types of content ranging from war, to common everyday life. And many players are limited with the current tools on the server for building. 

This addon is extremely powerful and could be a great tool for neotek.
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