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Not really a Ban Appeal but...
Discord Name(At the moment): NarcoSnake#8888
Formerly known as: AceTheSnake, AceTheOpossum, AcesFullOfAces, ACE
Why did you get banned?:  According to Alaskan, a horribly edgy past involving doxxing threats and, most recently, drugs.
[Why do you want to get unbanned?:

Before I begin, I just want to clarify that I am in no way attempting to unban myself.  The decision to unban me is left to the administration of Neotek.  Should they unban me, I'll happily come back.  If not, I'll consider this a final farewell.  This message is mostly an apology and a reflection of two specific incidents as well as an explanation for absences.  I request that this message be sent to everyone the administration believes fit, as I can't name anyone that I may have hurt in any way. Plus, not to throw shade, but I don't know of many people who read ban appeals. Another request is to see this message without bias.

When I first joined, I was in an era of Neotek where being edgy was the norm.  For someone like me, who didn't have many friends in real life, I felt this was a nice place to try and make friends, something extremely difficult for me.  I quickly amassed a friendship with both the staff team and regulars of Neotek.  In order for me to feel like I fit in, I followed along with the edginess, even dropping the N-word like it was nothing, something that everyone, myself included, cringes at when they remember their former selves. 

However, an oversight of myself in an attempt to look cool and edgy was to suggest that I had the addresses of certain members of Neotek. The truth is yes, I did, keyword did, know certain locations related to some peoples residences.  What I did not have was a written/typed collection of these addresses, as was believed.  I still don't know why I believed that was ok at that age, and I still find it disgusting that I would make others uncomfortable for the sake of "trying to be cool and show off."  I would like to issue my first formal apology for the actions that I took ~2-3 years ago.  For this, I am sorry to everyone who I've made uncomfortable because of my actions.  

Now for my most recent kerfuffle.  On June 11, 2020 at approx. 10:30pm, I ingested 250 micrograms, a single tab, of LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide).  Given that this was my first time doing a "hard" drug, I had no idea what to expect other than what I researched.  According to Alaskan, whom I conversed with shortly after my ban, I had unknowingly exposed minors to the idea that taking drugs was cool and amazing.  This was done by joining the Garry's Mod server during the peak of my trip, a point where all ego I had was gone and most rational thinking had left me.  Let me set the record straight by saying this was not my intention at all.  Drugs, no matter what, carry risk in the current prohibition climate that governs today.  At the moment, [b]the safest way to do drugs is to not do them at all.  For all I knew, there could have been poison in that tab. What I did that night with regards to joining the server high was simply just to have fun and make the most of it.  For the second apology, I formerly apologize to the staff and the members for not keeping to myself.  I would also like to thank TyMotor for staying with me during what was a quite frightening, stupid, but enjoyable experience.  He made sure I didn't do something stupid like harm myself.  However, in keeping with the theme of honesty, let me be clear in that taking LSD(aka. Acid) was a life changing experience that I do not regret in terms of what lessons I learned.  I only regret spreading a message of "do drugs because they're fun."

Before I conclude, I would like to elaborate what was going on with my long absences in between being an admin for Neotek.  The primary factor in me not being active was school.  I busted my ass to get to the college where I am now and it's only getting more difficult.  The second factor in my absences was simply the political climate.  I have lost all interest in politics and being in Neotek, a server which can get political, was just nothing but mental strain for me.  I also blocked people to prevent myself coming back when I wasn't ready.  When I joined for 10 minutes before promptly being banned, I was hoping to just say hello and see how everyone was doing, maybe crack a few jokes here and there.  Coming back however, it seems the administration had a change of heart on me which is and was justifiable.

To those wondering where I am now, I am currently attending college at Virginia Tech on a pre-med track with the goal of obtaining a B.S. in chemistry (majoring in medicinal chemistry.)  I'm doing better mentally and I'm still with my boyfriend whom is still in Chile.  I have also joined Students for Sensible Drug Policies, an organization dedicated to ending the war on drugs and promoting drug safety.

(TLDR: Doxxing is stupid and harmful, doing drugs is unsafe, I'm doing ok.)

Thanks for reading.  I hope this clears the air on what's happened to me and how I saw it.
Did you do/say anything alarming while you were on the server on LSD, like were you actually telling the other players how cool acid was or were you just playing the game normally?

In my experience joining Neotek under the influence has never been a problem as long as you're behaving yourself
(02-27-2021, 06:29 AM)Alstanbery Wrote: Did you do/say anything alarming while you were on the server on LSD, like were you actually telling the other players how cool acid was or were you just playing the game normally?

In my experience joining Neotek under the influence has never been a problem as long as you're behaving yourself

I can't honestly say I did or didn't definitively.  It's been a while since the incident and the details are a bit fuzzy for me.  I was active in chat talking about what I was experiencing, in terms of bodily sensations and hallucinations.  One thing I definitely remember was screaming "woah" a lot.  As far as explicitly saying "do drugs because..." I have no recollection.
I've been talking to ace for a decent bit now and I can say he's matured since his prior incidents. I think the fact that he even considered apologizing shows that. Aside from his past screw ups, Ace has been a pretty good friend and person in general, or he has to me at least. I forgive him for what he has done and wouldn't be opposed to seeing him unbanned despite this not being a ban appeal.

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