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InternetGamer's Staff Application
Steam Name (must be updated if changed) :[font="Exo 2", sans-serif] [/font]InternetGamer

Steam Profile ID: 76561199008664593

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:524199432

Age: 17 (Note: Turning 18 in less than three weeks)

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Why do you want to become moderator?:  I want to become a moderator because I feel like I should contribute to the server by up holding values for the server.  I feel like I am finally ready to be apart of Neotek staff team. I want to become staff because, like I said in my previous staff application, I want to keep the server running like a new engine.  I want to keep it running 100% as much as possible.  It's time I express my thankfulness, and I want to do that by serving my time as a staff member.  Trying not to be cliché as to why I want to be staff, but the main reason I want to to be staff is because I want to put in the effort to stop bad people from ruining the experience of what the server has to offer for others.  The image of the server is my top priority.

What will you bring to the server?: I will bring my reliability, availability, and accountability.  I am very active on the server, so being on the server when a problem arises shouldn't be an issue.  I will also bring my knowledge on some common issues with Garry's Mod with their solutions.  I will also bring my experience as a staff member to this server.

Why should we choose you over someone else, who could possibly have more experience?:  The main reason you should choose me over someone else is that I have a good ability to adapt to situations.  I can usually tell when someone is lying.  In general, my previous staff experience, combined with my ability to adapt to situations, makes me a suitable person for a position on the staff team.

Do you have experience with ULX? (Ulysses Mod) Yes.

How many hours do you have on the server?: 1 week 4 days

What is your Discord account? (Name + Discriminator - i.e SilverMight#1302): stepbromight#9797
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-1: To kick things off, you've got remaining formatting errors where your name is, this comes from the last app you made which you deleted (not the old one you stuck with, the one which is a copy paste of this but with many, many more formatting errors). The profile ID is correct, though it would be preferable to have the "https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/" before it. The paragraph for "Why do you want to become a moderator?" has a lot of "I want"'s; not very creative. Grammar is reasonable, and minor spelling errors scattered about. The rest of the application is fairly solid, however the -1 comes from what happened with the last application (making an application, then proceeding to ignore the server entirely and go elsewhere to apply for staff), and the fact that you had your VIP temporarily taken due to repeated rule breaking. I don't feel that you're very reliable, nor that you're ready for this position.

(Minor gripe which doesn't influence the rating, you put two spaces after most periods. A very fine detail, hence why it won't affect your rating. Perhaps watch out on doing that.)
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+1 I think Cap, InternetGamer, whatever the flying fuck you wanna call him, has matured a lot over the past couple of months. He's had his goofs but I definitely think he's moved past them overall and I believe I coudl trust him with staff. Genuinely a nice dude to hang around and always enjoy having him on the server, and I think he'd be a good fit for staff
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+1 InternetGamer has a pretty decent app along with making some mature takes when the server was under very serious circumstances. Yeah there's an ugly format error in the app and I wish you got to that asap, but that really doesn't change my opinion.
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+1 I don't know much about you, but I'll trust both Alaskan and Silver's judgements on you. The app is pretty good, despite that one formatting error.
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+1 I will have to agree with Silver, Alaskan, etc. You seemed to have improved in your behavior and the app is pretty good. 
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Application Accepted
Congrats on getting TMod
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