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Exodium - Banbaiting, Toxicity and Being a Huge Baby
Your Steam Name: Caramel

Your Steam ID:


Your Steam Profile ID:


Accused's Steam Name: Exodium

Accused's Steam ID:


Accused's Steam Profile ID:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198370905288

What did the player do that was against the server rules?: Banbaiting multiple people, including myself, Mang, and others for every minor slight against him real and perceived, and instantly cries for admin intervention when there's any sort of response to his behavior. Also goes out of his way to gross out other users and make them uncomfortable with graphic descriptions of animal abuse. Is so obsessed with getting other people banned in a twelve year old sourcemod that he even dedicates his profile space to complaining about another player and gloats about bans in other players' DMs.

Evidence: Attached. You can also dredge discord and the logs for his pretty constant caterwauling whenever someone tells him off for breaking a rule himself.

Witnesses (not required, but highly recommended.): Rodrick can vouch for last night's shit on Goldencity, as can Kurushimi. Brittney, obv lol.

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User has already been banned.

Topic locked.
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