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Rai's Staff Application
Steam Name (must be updated if changed) : Rai

Steam Profile ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/agentcandyland/

Steam ID: Rai (STEAM_0:0:59356028)

Age: 20

Do you have a microphone?: I do, but my domestic situation makes it difficult for me to use it. It's also a bit shit :\

Why do you want to become moderator?:
I've been playing on the server for quite a while and i want to do my part to help maintain an enjoyable experience while playing on our server. I have noticed a trend in newer players joining in and breaking rules (Raiding a no raiding zone, prop mingery, shooting grounded LFS ect) A lot of them will stop after they’ve warned, but some will try to find loopholes to be as annoying as possible to the other players while still technically following the rules. When they're told to stop they will just throw a bunch of disrespectful and aggressive language in voice chat and claim they're doing nothing wrong. These people give me actual brain damage and ruin the experience for everyone. I would like to put a hard stop to this kind of behavior, as these players are still breaking the number one, and often forgotten, rule of our server: Be respectful to everyone on the server.

What will you bring to the server?:
I wish to help make the server a more pleasant place to play on and make sure people are following the rules and help clean up any toxicity from disrespectful players. I'm on the server most of the time i'm awake and home from work, so if someone needs assistance i would be able to come help them almost immediately. I'm also on the server at night when most of the other staff are offline so I would be able to help out when nobody else is available.

Why should we choose you over someone else, who could possibly have more experience?:
I'm able to stay chill in admin sits. I can handle most situations with a level head and don't let anger get the better of me on the job. I'm able to calmly correct players if they're breaking the rules by mistake, but will not tolerate any nonsense from a player who's only here to cause trouble on our server. I also have past experience as a moderator on Sandbox, DarkRP, and Clockwork HL2rp servers.

Do you have experience with ULX? (Ulysses Mod) I'm familiar with basic commands however it has been quite a while since i've used ULX, but i'm able to re-learn rather quickly.
How many hours do you have on the server?: 3 weeks and 1 day (At time of writing)

What is your Discord account?: Rai#4345
+1 Good application and player, nice to see someone with experience.
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Application seems nailed down quite well, you've been on the server for quite a while. You inherit some experience as staff, which is always a positive side to look at from my prospective. You've been coughed up a few times with staff, but nothing else major like a kick / ban, but i'm not gonna give a negative verdict from a few warns in the past. This user is also well known by the server and staff. This user has served his time and did well as "Regular" Why not take him up to the more responsible rank? { +1 } Goodluck!
+1: A few capitalization errors, as well as a very small amount of grammatical errors. You're on quite a lot and behave very well, and the amount of experience you have with Garry's Mod, and sandbox in particular, is reassuring. Overall, besides minor grammatical errors, a very good application.
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Application Accepted
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