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Mystery's Ban Appeal
Steam Profile ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Censor_d/
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:186333146
Steam Name (must be updated if changed): Mystery
Why did you get banned?: General mingery // Disrespect and toxicity // Planning mass disturbances with E2 // Mass wire abuse
Why do you want to get unbanned?:

I'm gonna say this first, there isn't a way to actually abuse E2 to make it prevent staff from doing stuff such as not being able to noclip, jail, kick, ban etc. Mostly because if it were possible somebody would've done it anyway and it would've been a common subject to talk about in today's time with anything to do with advanced wire stuff.

Second, at the moment I am dogshit at E2, the most thing I can do with E2 is mech systems etc but that's about it, the idea that I was going to make this kind of E2 was dumb and stupid and it wasn't something I really should've mentioned, as it's just an idea. I don't plan to make one or even think about figuring it out so I'm going to leave it where things lay and in no way, would I use it against this community's server as it would be pointless and retarded to do so.

Third, I might come off as rude etc or slightly toxic but that's just me, I don't mean most of the things I say, and I do apologise if it has upset anybody or brought in feelings of distrust etc, you didn't deserve to hear what I had to say at all, and I do promise to change my ways after this incident.

Last I do care about this server, sure it has flaws that I don't mostly agree with but I can live with it and after thinking about it, it isn't so bad as it seems, most servers don't give you as much accessibility to building as this server does, and the way it functions is actually pretty neat. I've seen the way of my actions I don't believe that what I did or said was right, in future I will dedicate myself to maybe focusing on self improvement as that does tend to speed up the process, if I have missed anything then I do apologise, I was part sober whilst typing this.
You're lying in this appeal, trying to make it seem as though you dont know how to use E2, when clearly you do, and have tried to make several abusive E2's and laugh about it when people get upset about it. This is toxicity at its core, Not to mention the very rude language used in this rather unconvincing appeal, if you wanted to stay, you should have though of that before you broke rules for fun.

You claim to be "dogshit" at E2, yet know how to make robotics? True dogshit is someone like me who doesn't even know what E2 IS.
Also, in a ban appeal, try not to curse, or just say "that's how I am" when you're being called toxic. It REALLY doesn't help your case.

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"Please don't get in the way. I have finally found my utopia."
-DIO's VA acting as a girl's chair
Ban appeal denied

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