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Visclip Advanced Pack

The Visual Clip Advanced pack contains not only Visual Clip, but the even better "Visual Clip Advanced" addon. The prime reason this addon is better than the current Visual Clip addon we have is because it has better support for the regular visual clip tool, for example, If you use the "Visual Clip Advanced" tool on a certain server, then transfer on to a different server with the default Visual Clip tool, the clips you made on props will still be present, even though the server you have transfered to does not have the "Visual Clip Advanced" pack. Not only this, but if I recall correctly, it has increased support for Precision Alignment mirroring, Making it even more suitable for builders, like the last example I gave. I highly suggest these versions of Visual Clip. For they are even more suitable for builders. Please disregard the "(Could Be Broken!)" in the title, for I absolutely have not found any issues with the advanced clipping tool. Possibly the regular Visual Clip tool has issues with clipping, but that should not be an issue, since the "Visual Clip Advanced" tool is practically way more suited for most, if not all situations. 

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