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Just a few things (not just new addons)
Bugs / Issues:

"Self changer" tool under "GUI Panels": Allows you to send a notification to every player that is capable of obstructing their view. Yes everyone can see it.
[Image: I2wod14.jpg]


"AI Enabler" tool under "LFS": Allows you to enable AI on LFS vehicles even if the properties tab is disabled
[Image: MbCDABS.jpg]


Addon Suggestions:

Allows you to make props stop noclip
Reason: People seem to complain about buildmode people noclipping into their "base" so this would be a good tool for them to protect against buildmode people (also some people noclip into peoples bases and then leave buildmode to kill them but that could be countered in the buildmode settings by making people respawn when they change mode).


TARDIS Rewrite
!!Could lag people with bad pcs
!!Has 2 small dependencies 
Reason: There isnt really one it's just a fun addon, however it does have cameras that mimic the way portals in portal work that require people looking at them to have reasonably good pcs, doesn't provide any extra features to wire or expression 2 or whatever like everyone wants for some reason.


Spawn protection
Reason: People love to spawn kill and there was a time earlier in the day in which there were no staff on and there were 2 people spamming the spawn with explosives
I combatted it by just spawning nocollided invisible boxes in spawn which meant that there was "something in the way" of their damage but it would be good to have an addon which generally stops nerds like that from doing dumb shit

Other than that:

I know its generally never a good idea to enable NPCs but you could limit it to 0 on new, 2 on regular, and 5 on trusted or something, also banning the big combine stuff like the strider, gunship, dropship and chopper.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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