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Ban appeal 7/8/2020

current steam name: Bools

I was banned for using a wallhack E2

I know that sounds bad and sketchy but id like to try and convince you that I've learned from my mistakes.
When I was around on you're server it was like September or October, a time when i had spent way to much time doing shitty ACF clan wars,  which in some cases you were allowed to use wallhack E2s(this was only in like clan wars and other bull shit). 
So I had basically gotten used to doing this to the point of not even realizing the harm I was doing. 
After getting banned I went on with my life until I started to get more into PVP, and when the bot invasion happened in tf2, I fully understood why hacking is dumb and ruins peoples fun, (I'm not saying I didn't know that at the time, but i didn't think it was a big deal at the time). I would also like to mention that, At the time of being banned I'd like to think that I was a lot worse at handling frustrating situations rationally, so it was easy for me to resort to using the E2. 

If it is still concerning that I could possibly do the same thing again, consider the following: That e2 is the only thing I had to give myself an unfair advantage in PVP, I have never and probably will never(out of not knowing how to or because of security) use anything like another program or script thing that gives me wallhacks or aimbot, etc. Lastly, even if there is a possibility that I do things like this, you can easily just ban me again or screenshot my game. 

As to why I want to be unbanned, it's because I've been looking for another, sever to PVP on. I also have a few friends that play on you're a server and I would like to enjoy the server with them as well because I feel like I'm missing out.

I know there probably isn't a high chance of me getting unbanned, but it would mean a lot if you could give me another chance

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