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Ban Appeal (Koyuba) Redone
Steam Profile ID: I hope im not wrong with this since I dont know what a Profile ID is

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:108693424
Steam Name (must be updated if changed): Koyuba
Why did you get banned?: I was banned for showing 13+ content to Djsniperpro.
Why do you want to get unbanned?: I believe I was falsely banned, especially since chat logs were used which were taken out of context. I acknowledge my mistake and that I know that my explanations of the creator`s attempt to be funny sounded extremely suggestive, and to someone who didnt know what we were watching could be taken in as a porn.
I apologize for my actions.
okay what about the n word?
[Image: 53d8acdc68.png]
About that, I havent used the hard R in I believe a month. There is also no rule about not being able to say it (last time i checked atleast). If Ive been using it too much I apologize for it and if there has been a rule made, I also did not know about it.
You've proven you can't handle yourself on the server, you're constantly making some edgy jokes or making everyone uncomfortable in some way or the other, this incident included.
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