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Moderator app
In game name: [ISS Captain]HalfLife
Steam profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982576983/
Age:15 turning 16 in 8 months
Position Applying for: Moderator
Do you have a mic:yes
Time on server:1 week with new account.
Reason to be staff: I love the neotek server i love the people in it. I want to be mod because of how many people minge and i just in general want to help out. I like helping people most of the time.i stay on from early in the morning into late in the afternoon. When everyone is asleep or off at work i can be working as mod helping kick mingers out of the server. It was my dream to be a mod or a staff in general since i started playing on this server. All the staff is nice and kind and i just want to be apart of it. There can be a lot of bad people in the server and i can help with that. And since i have been playing for a while i earned trust of most of the staff.  Just need a bigger responsibility to hold. And on this server i can prove that i can be a trust worthy member of the neotek crew.
strengths:i love swimming,im part of the football team,i love helping others.
i hope this is good Big Grin Big Grin
-1 did not follow the application format. Not much content to it. Ive seen rulebreakers and things like it is a thing we get alot in mod applications and we dont think that is a good enough reason to want to be staff. Please improve appon this application.
Please follow the format exactly as it is written. Until then, I will not consider the application.

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