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Private Davis - Application
Steam Name: Private Davis
Steam Profile ID: 76561198071851727
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55792999
Age: 19
Do you have a mic: Yes (and some of the guys on the discord said I sound nice)

Why do you want to become a mod:
I have played Gmod for a while now, I have played a lot of differnt sandbox pvp servers and after recently getting back into Gmod, I think this is one of the best ones around; the community is nice and fun to interact with, the staff are helpful and the selection of maps and addons are varied enough to keep the game intresting but not so much as to hide over powered weapons and entities. I want an oppitunity to playthe best part I can in the community by dealing with those who aim to ruin in it for others.

What will I bring to the server:
I'd bring a rather experianced staff members I was an admin on UK-war and and a mod on Melon's sandboc server (if you remember either of these before they closed) totaling around 500 ish hours experiance. I am experianced with talking to troublesome players in staff sits and pm's. I also have a strong sence of justice and the paticents to find out both side of the story before action is taken, unless they're activly tring to crash the server. I am also very low matiance after being told the initial protocol (i.e first offence: kick, second: ban etc or other variations) I can staff with out much dependence on more experianced staff. I am also technically compentent enough to use the console commands and logs to quickly find thoese who are prop/rope spamming.

Why should we choose you over someone else, who could possibly have more experiance:
While I am quite new here I am very open to feed back on my performance, Also after a very qucik poll in the discord me being in GMT would mean I am able to be active while msot other staff are offline. I have the patience to ensure that justice is given but the experiance to not take rubbish from those trying to escape punishment.

Do you have ULX experiance:
Yes I am experianced with all the ULX commands and the menu.

How many hours do you have on the server

Discord account name:
currently I have 10 hours
I like experience because noone knows how to staff anymore >:(
But seriously, decent app albeit some misspelling errors but who cares. Pretty active and trustable player. British. +1
[Image: archlinux-logo-dark-90dpi.ebdee92a15b3.png]
+1 I haven't seen much of you, but the app looks good and I trust that you are quite active.
Application Accepted
Welcome to the staff team!
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