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Ban Appeal
Steam Profile ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199008664593
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:524199432
Steam Name (must be updated if changed): internetgamer02
Why did you get banned?: Player neotek - internetgamer02 (STEAM_0:1:524199432) disconnected (

-------===== [ BANNED FROM NEOTEK ] =====-------


General Rule Breaking

---= Time Left =---

23 hours 52 minutes

---= Banned on =---

Fri Jan 3 02:04:57 2020

---= Appeal on the forums =---

Why do you want to get unbanned?: Because it was honestly a mistake.  The first thing I did was I spawned in dicks and maybe a little too much gasoline. I believe It was Anarchist who told me to remove the dicks and chill with the gasoline.  After that, I accidentally spawned dicks in and he gave me another warning, so I removed them and I kept the gas to a minimum.  The last thing I did was use 3-4 gas cans to set someone who was sitting in a chair using a gun on fire.  Not using this as an excuse, well it really is not, but I do have a mental disability, so sometimes I interpret things said to me different than others.  Again, not trying to use that as an excuse, but just wanted to inform you of it.  I am deeply sorry, unlike haze_of_dream, I was not trying to get banned.  I just like to have fun and try to make others laugh, but sometimes, I go over the boundaries without realizing that I made a mistake and that what I am doing isn't funny.  I will try to do better in the near future.
"Pull up yo pants boy, this isn't Red Lobster!"
(01-02-2020, 11:20 PM)spiderdude007 Wrote: I am deeply sorry, unlike haze_of_dream, I was not trying to get banned.


In all honesty, you did get several warnings but I can tell by the sincerity of your appeal that you really want to play on the server. Thank you for a just response and I hope you enjoy your time on Neotek.

Ban revoked.
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