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The Chosen Nuke Staff Appilication (Updated)
NeoTek Gaming Staff Application Form
Steam Name: The Chosen Nuke

Steam Profile ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thechosennuke/

Steam ID:


Do you have a microphone?:
Yes (Off usage may depend on status)

Why do you want to become moderator?: “
I will protect this server from Minges, Exploiters, Hackers, DDOSers and other Rulebreakers and I promise not to abuse my admin powers.”

What will you bring to the server?:
“I will make this server safer by helping other players problems and puninshing rulebreakers.”

Why should choose we choose you over someone else,who could possibly have more experience?:
I should have the required intelligence, honesty and perception. Also I will be full active on weekends (GMT +3.00 in Turkey).

Do you have experience with ULX? (
Ulysses Mod): Yes, I'm very expirenced with ULX functions by most of sanbox servers.

How many hours do you have on the server?:
336 Hours (in weeks)

What is your Discord account?:
The Chosen Nuke#1587
Appilicators Signature:
The Chosen Nuke
On Steam since August 23rd 2015.

(I really noticed how stupid I wrote this thing in the past so I updated it.)

Attached Files
.docx   NeoTek Gaming Staff Application Form Document The Chosen Nuke.docx (Size: 16.4 KB / Downloads: 1)
The Chosen Nuke

on Steam since August 23rd 2015.
-1 I don't believe you put enough time into synthesizing this application. You are a good player and worth staff material but this application is bare-bones and I would like to know more about you before you are integrated onto a team with me.
Application Denied
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