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Expression2 Addition/Changes
2 Minor changes and 1 Major Changes:

1) In the E2 Extensions list, There's an extension called 'holoanim', which means the server has wire extras, but failed to enable It's E2 extensions it added. holoanim stands for 'hologram animation(s)' which does exactly what It's named.

Solution: enable holoanim

2) Holograms can't use any models besides the default 6 models given to holograms (shapes like Circles, Prisms, High qualities of those models, etc)

Solution: Use the following server console variable (convar)

wire_holograms_modelany 2

0 is the default mode, It means no models other than the default may be used
1 means any official models may be used
2 means any unofficial models can be used

3) Add an additional wire extension (NexusCore)

NexusCore mainly allows additional E2 functions such as setting props on fire, Teleporting players (you can only do props normally, Limited to yourself or prop buddies) and additional constraint commands

I'll take a look at this, I'd like to support Wire a bit more. Thanks for the tips!
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