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opsaid's Ban
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:77113964
Steam Profile ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/outrun771/ 
Steam Name: (must be updated if changed): (copy pasta name, bear with me) Opsaid
Why did you get banned?: Toxicity, Anger.
Why do you want to get unbanned?: Well, I wish to get unbanned because I was just being a total cock-rocket anyway and had a bad day. I should not have let out my anger on other people, including a child. I deeply realize how much of an actual dick face I was being, and although at the time I thought it was funny, I had hurt a lot of feelings and abandoned my brothers and sisters in my "funny" roast session. I'd like to come back because I've somewhat grown up, let my grudge go, and wish to simply be with my friends again, please, actually consider unbanning me, I can't say how sorry I am, or at least give me the chance to publicly apologize at most.
Jacket seems to have mostly changed as a person - however it's still up for interpretation if we can forgive him for what he did (and if the people that had to deal with it can, either) so unsure about this for now
[Image: archlinux-logo-dark-90dpi.ebdee92a15b3.png]
Jacket has owned up to his past mistakes when it comes to encounters with other users, whether or not he has actually changed nobody can really confirm,(I doubt he'd want to hide the fact that he hadn't changed) but for now we can only really take his word for it, but that's really up to whether or not you would trust his word depending on your experiences with him. Personally I think I'm considering giving him a second chance unless he does something to change my mind.
I'd be down, if you could keep to your word.
So long as you don't attack people like last time, I want to see you back on the server like anyone else.
Ban Appeal Accepted
[Image: archlinux-logo-dark-90dpi.ebdee92a15b3.png]

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