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Freddie's Staff Application
Staff Application Format: 

Steam Name (must be updated if changed) : Freddie Mercury

Steam Profile ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ProfessorSnapeSeverus/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:67589433

Age: 33 

Do you have a microphone?: Yes.

Why do you want to become moderator?: I would like to become a Moderator for NeoTek, so I can help new players, and cut down the rule breaking. I've seen some new players break the rules, because most of the time, they just want to play and not care about the server rules. They want to play, and they want to mess around, and see what does what. I'd like to help new players, and make sure that they read the rules before going off to do whatever new users do. And for the rule breakers, I'm on just about everyday on the server. And I haven't seen a staff member, until my first day here (2 days ago). I'd like to change that, to ensure that new players see that the staff team here is active.

What will you bring to the server?: I Will bring lots of activity to the server, and a fun place to be, and a safe place to be, for new users, and older users.

Why should choose we choose you over someone else, who could possibly have more experience?: You should choose me over someone else, because of my age and maturity. Some of the other staff applicants (Not talking shit) are younger than I, and might not make the right decisions most of the time. I'd like to correct them, by setting an example if I'm accepted. Another reason why you should choose me over another applicant, is because of my activity. I've reviewed some of the staff applications, but have never actually seen them online, since they posted their application. I'd like to change that, by again, setting an example for the other applicants, if I'm accepted. A person that could possibly have more experience, would be a current staff member (In my opinion.)

Do you have experience with ULX? (Ulysses Mod): Yes, I do.

How many hours do you have on the server?: 1 day, 20 hours.

What is your Discord account? (Name + Discriminator - i.e SilverMight#1302):
Freddier Mercury#3664
0 Application isn't actual ass, however I don't trust you.
Big ShaSh YeY YeY
-1 ion bout dis man ion now bro
[Image: 53d8acdc68.png]
0 Undecided for now - application is good but have to learn a bit more about the user
[Image: archlinux-logo-dark-90dpi.ebdee92a15b3.png]
0 Good application but like Smoooof I don't trust you
0 Decent app, unsure of user himself
This is dead unfortunately.

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