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Moderator Application
Steam Name (must be updated if changed) :

Steam Profile ID:
Steam ID:


Do you have a microphone?:
 I just recently got one, and will be using it in the coming days.

Why do you want to become moderator?:
 I would like to be a moderator because I am almost always on the server. I would bring law and order to those bold enough to bring injustice. I would also like to be a moderator so that the senior moderators/admins/higher-ups do not have to be bothered when there are many people causing mischief on the server.

What will you bring to the server?:
Justice & fun, as a moderator I would always try and do events to keep things alive.

Why should choose we choose you over someone else, who could possibly have more experience?:
I have seniority (somewhat) on the server and I am well-versed in the rules and lifestyle of the server.

Do you have experience with ULX? (Ulysses Mod)  

How many hours do you have on the server?:
I have +3 weeks

What is your Discord account?
+1  This user is pretty well known and trustworthy.
+1 Airforce seems like a pretty good guy, though I haven't seen very much of him. He has been with us for a long time and has not caused any trouble it would seem. Airforce also claims to have experience with Ulysses Mod and staff duties, which also inclines me to give him an up vote.
+1 Yeah, pretty cool.
Big ShaSh YeY YeY
+1 Yes
Application Accepted
Your rank will be applied shortly
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