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Ban appeal from user Magu
Discord Name: Magu#1035
Why did you get banned?: Attempted Raid
Why do you want to get unbanned?:
Well, when I usually get on discord, I check a few servers, Neotek's discord used to be one of the few, and honestly, I see what I did and I know I should apologize.
I'm sorry for attempting a raid on a server like this, I knew I should not have, and I will try my best to improve off of this mistake, and honestly, I miss the server. I know I've made so many mistakes, and I've said I'd improve off of them, and I may have disappointed and/or angered a few users over this, but this time for sure I will try my best to improve off of any mistake, I just need some help in doing so.

 If this appeal is denied, I will fully understand.
See the problem is we've been through this before.
You get in trouble, you say you've "gotten better."
Then you make the same, if not worse of a mistake afterward.

I see no reason for it.

You have yet to prove you should be unbanned, attempt to rectify your actions, disprove the authentication of the ban, or even proven that you've matured in the slightest.

It's the same damn thing over and over with you and you've yet to acknowledge it.

No, we don't ban out of pity. Especially people who have lied about their status. 
[Image: 53d8acdc68.png]
Ban Appeal Denied
[Image: 53d8acdc68.png]

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