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Discord Rules
Disclaimer: All Rules are subject to change, whether this is due to staff decision, or Discord's own Terms of Service. Anyone who violates these rules is subject to various punishment. This is regardless of position, user, etc. In no way will rule violations be tolerated. We WILL report posts, users, and anything that violates Discord Terms of Service.


1. Follow Discord Terms of Service above else.
2. Show some human decency when on the Discord Server.
3. Do not impersonate other users.
4. Minimodding is not tolerated.
5. Do not Micspam or Chat Spam.
6. Do not make any threats to anyone. This applies to DM's.
7. Do not abuse power given to you
8. Staff have permission to enter any channel to sort out a problem
    8a. Everyone MUST comply with this situation
9. Do not leave an Admin Sit without being dismissed or a proper reasoning behind leaving.
10. When using text chat, post in proper chats. (NSFW in NSFW, Bot commands in Bot Commands, etc).
11. Do not self-promote anywhere on discord. This counts in DMs.
12. Do not ask for ranks on the Discord
13. Do not tag people repetitively.

Discord Terms of Service
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