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Server Rules
Server Rules

Please read this in its entirety.
If you are trying to build please type in "!build" in chat, or "!pvp" to enter PvP. (no quotes)
If you need staff and none are currently on the server, please type ,staff in chat.
This will ping everyone online, even if they aren't on the server, so a staff member can get on and help.

For any rules that are not listed, the highest staff member has the final say.

General Rules:

Use common sense.
  • Be respectful to everyone on the server.
  • Do not use discriminatory jokes or language. Jokes or metaphors that are considered offensive or insensitive are prohibited on this server - be careful in the words you choose and be kind to others.
  • Racism will NOT be tolerated, in any form.
  • NSFW content is PROHIBITED (PAC, sprays, playermodels, etc).
  • Harassment and other exclusionary behavior aren't acceptable. Do not make threats against a user’s well being or against the server, including doxxing threats, ddosing threats, and death threats.

Do not use any exploits or hacks. This also includes E2s that are used for advantages in combat, such as shields and wallhacks.
Do not mic/chat spam. This includes the use of voice changers, and soundboards.
Do not prop spam.
Do not spawnkill and/or spawncamp. This also applies to mobile spawnpoints.
Do not kill while in noclip.
Do not kill in a vehicle while in god mode.
Do not use a tiny/large PAC3, or abuse PAC3.
Do not be in PVP mode with over 100 health or with over 100 armor.
Do not prop push, prop kill, prop surf (use !build to fly), or prop block.
Do not impersonate staff, or any other users.
Allow players to lift off while in LFS aircraft before shooting them (If they shoot while grounded, you may shoot them).
Do not mute staff. This will prevent you from hearing warnings.
Leaving an admin sit is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
No explosives, or turrets in spawn.
Overpowered turrets are not allowed, and all turrets must be destructible.
Do NOT edit peoples Simfphys cars without permission.
No ACF, Wire, LFS, etc combat is allowed above or in spawn.
No resetting LFS HP mid battle.
No combat healing, unless using a health pack weapon (binds to heal with entities is prohibited).
If someone asks you to stop shooting their things (wire contraptions, simfphys, builds, etc.), you MUST abide (as long as they are not fighting with said thing).
ACF tanks, guns, etc are only allowed to fight other ACF entities.
If simfphys/LFS is unarmed, and the user is in BUILD MODE, you may NOT shoot their vehicle. (If they are being shot at/in combat prior to entering a vehicle, or if they are using the vehicle to run people over, this rule does NOT apply.)
Usernames that contain anything deemed insensitive WILL be changed to remove said content.
Use of one-way mirrors in combat is NOT allowed (The only exception to this rule is the admin room in Bigcity).

Building Rules:
Do not build in skybox.
Do not build in the player spawn area. This doesn't include the entire spawn, only the area where players spawn.

Base Rules:
Make a sign clearly depicting that you are not participating in raids whether for or against you outside of your base. If your base has this sign, you CANNOT raid; otherwise,
Make your base 100% accessible through raids.
Do not prop block your base.
No prop manipulation mid raid.
Do not set your spawn point in a base without the base owners' permission.

If you shoot anyone from inside a no-raid base, they may raid the base, therefore making the above statements applicable.
You also may NOT put a pigeon on your head.

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