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Exodiums Ban Appeal
First and foremost I'd like to address your reasoning for your ban and why we took the route we did. You were banned initially for excessive toxicity in regards to insulting members using offensive slurs. These offensive slurs were discussed previously by the staff team, which you constantly berated others with the insults "autistic" and "retarded." Any counterargument to this is nullified because of the fact that you proceeded to join the Neotek Discord and asked why you were banned. You proceeded to justify why your dupe can "detect retards." An unnecessary stab at people on the server with the sole intention of being toxic. As well you joined the Discord server with intentions to argue with staff about your proposed ban. The initial ban was set for a week, which was decided by me, and ultimately the easiest punishment we could've given you. Other propositions were 2 weeks or a permanent ban.

At this point, you have joined the discord and have decided to continuously argue with us over the ban. Your persistence in the matter caused you to resort to heinous decisions including attempted guilt trips, bribery, and common insults with the crowd. I will acknowledge that the staff team and discord members could have done a lot better job handling the situation. I will not put them all at fault though, nor punish them, as you proceeded to egg on such repulsive behavior. You decided it was a good idea to repetitively engage in the situations to a near 2-hour post-ban time frame. Such misbehavior has caused us to resort to punishing you even further for the events in the discord. The consistent immature bickering has only strengthened our resolve in making sure that you received adequate punishment for the outbreak. Said punishment had been extended to a permanent ban on the server and a permanent ban on the Discord. And no, you were not banned for joking about cum flavored ice cream on the Discord, just the mere and utter obnoxious behavior that you presented to us when trying to argue about your ban.

One more thing I'd like to address is that you have been banned beforehand and were unrightfully unbanned previously. I have discussed with the staff member and I pleaded that there would be no more bans lifted without a proper appeal. Your reason for your previous ban was Dox threats which alone is a permanent ban. If anything, you were given a great second chance, a privilege that others would not get under the given circumstances. The truth of the matter is that you squandered said blessed chance and that resulted in your second permanent ban. You even pleaded to the staff member for a second chance, and it seemed that your initial apology was not as sincere as you otherwise stated.

For these reasons and your actions, your ban appeal will be denied. You will remain banned from the Sandbox and the Discord server. I really hope that you decide to make better decisions in the future, as these were detrimental enough to determine your continued fate on the server. Farewell.

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