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Permanent-Ban appeal. TCN. - TheChosenNuke - 01-01-2022

Steam Profile ID: [Image: external.png]

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:126979972

Steam Name: The Chosen Nuke

Why did you get banned?: Wallhacking with Expression 2.

Why do you want to get unbanned?: Now that I have learned enough not to be stupid with Expression 2 (Also, I was just not mature and self-aware enough to notice how stupid I have been in general), I would like to appeal. It's been like more than a year since I was banned. I promise not to do this again. Some of my friends have missed me too, and because of that, I'd really like to make my return and play together with all of you again.

RE: Permanent-Ban appeal. TCN. - TheChosenNuke - 07-02-2022

... It's been half a year now.

RE: Permanent-Ban appeal. TCN. - TheChosenNuke - 09-01-2022

243 days has passed.

RE: Permanent-Ban appeal. TCN. - SilverMight - 12-08-2022