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Perma-Ban Appeal [ShadowAura-I] - ShadowAura-I - 10-22-2021

Steam Profile ID: 76561198375394444
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:207564358
Steam Name: ShadowAura
Why did you get banned?: Listed ban reason was for "crashing the server"
Why do you want to get unbanned?:

I have been really enjoying my time on the Neotek Garry's Mod server and I have met some amazing people. I do have mental health problems which sometimes makes me do irrational things depending on how I am feeling, I personally feel like this wasn't entirely my fault,

I was being provoked by another member (user is flonk) who had been harassing me several times before and it got to the point where I got frustrated and attempted to crash the server. ( he had been complaining that one of my builds was laggy and unoptimized when it didn't even have that many props.)

I had a lot to lose on the server and I feel like it would be a waste to throw it all away for a stupid thing that I did that I found difficult to control, I'm not too hopeful this is going to be accepted but it's worth a chance.

RE: Perma-Ban Appeal [ShadowAura-I] - SilverMight - 11-06-2021

Appeal accepted