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crazydude ban appeal - crazyduder442 - 09-19-2021

Steam Profile ID:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:72478927

Steam Name: crazydude

Why did you get banned?:

Some sort of auto ban - possibly from when I was messing with external fps boosts or I did try to cheat on a server that allowed it and must have left it on going from a server that allowed it to this one. 

The official ban reason that shows up is: "You have been banned from this server."

If it's not that then maybe I was reported when I told someone to "stop talking or you'll blow everyone's ears out if they don't mute you" because it sounded like they we're flying a jet plane through their microphone.

Why do you want to get unbanned?: 

I do genuinely want to just play on a good server again, I had no idea I was actually banned from here until I tried to join today and it said I was banned (if you're wondering no it does not give me a date and time of when I was banned or a duration of the ban - not even in the console). 

If you choose to deny my appeal could I please know if there is an actual reason as to why I am banned.