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I want to fuck a squid pussy.




no, bad rat king

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I dont like tits

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Image display the identifying signs of SIMP, if you see this picture or anything like it, please turn, run, if you have vaginer, you will be destroyed

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i took fall damage


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Why do men like boobs? The age old question that scholars have struggled with since the dawn of time. A question that has perplexed humanity for far longer than should be reasonably assumed on. It is the common truth that any and all men will one day ponder on the nessesity of liking boobs and its power over the human soul. Any man who does not think such things is simply no man at all. That that leaves us with our subject; why do men like boobs?


File: 1599887379097.jpg (1.75 MB, 1280x720, glassing.jpg)

The answer is really quite simple, evolutionary necessity. Men like boobs because of years gone by slowly but surely drilling it into our monkey brains. Men want a partner with huge honkers. Giant bagongaloos. The bigger the milky the better. The biggest prize is the biggest milky. The bigger the banankalagogoogoos the more milky for the baby. The more milky the baby can extract out of the bingobongobuhchoonglewoongles the faster and bigger it will grow and the healthier it will be. Small milkies, while producing milk straight from the avilois at the same speed, cannot hold nearly as much. If a time comes when the baby needs the booglelooglebuhchooglerooglemanananlooghaspoogas immediatly the bigger milky will already have more milk stored in the bookashooloolagahboogaroogalamoogakachookerlooukerguhmookerdookers, meaning the less the milky mommy has to produce on the spot for the gluttonous son of a bitch.
That leads us onto our next great point. "If this is so true, are there any other examples?" Look at your ass retard. What do you see? An ass. Now look at your moms ass. Fat. Huge. Giant. Grotesque. Obese. Why? Evolution. Men like asses because of the same system. But this time it is birthing hips. The larger the hips means the bigger the ass. Men like women with huge dumpys because that means they have larger hips for pumping out little munchy wunchies. The bigger the hips the easier it is to birth and therefore the easier it is for the child to survive being essentially a watermelon with appendages being violently shat out through a cum tube. Then again after I was done it would have been large enough to come out with your first steps.


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He's quite displeased that he has not gotten to see the big milky milky. He does not know why he desires to see the milky, but he does.

File: 1599878843911.jpg (15.29 KB, 400x225, demonic fleshlight.jpg)


what? pog

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ok ok so two bears were walking into the club with a clown preforming and one said does this smell funny to you

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Low-key you guys are cringe

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Someone blpease teach me Luigi combo :(


Down throw rising down air falling nair rising down air falling up air dash up B


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